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Elizabeth Brooks Realtor Austin
Elizabeth Brooks

In 1990, I purchased my home in Travis Heights, one of the great neighborhoods of central vintage Austin. I fell in love with the storybook cottage lines of its 1930’s construction...even though it had been unoccupied for over a year, and needed everything! My friends called it "Chateau DePress!" Six months later, it had been transformed into a dreamy and nostalgic cozy little nest which I adore.

My specialty is central vintage Austin, a niche totally different from suburban residential real estate. For buyers, it requires patient diligence from a knowledgeable, experienced, and hardworking real esate agent. Accessibility and availablility are extremely important; regardless of credentials, if your agent cannot respond quickly, you will find yourself having to choose from the picked over homes. Your agent must also do the legwork in advance—not just provide you with addresses. This means previewing those new listings immediately as they become available and getting you to the right ones first!

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